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"Lorikeets!" is an exciting temporary interactive exhibit that gives your visitors an intimate look into the fascinating world of the lorikeet. Your visitors will have the opportunity to come "face to beak" with these always-curious nectar-feeding birds. Lorikeets are a group of birds classified under the "true parrots". They are found throughout the Australasian region, including Australia, Papua New Guinea, Polynesia and southeastern Asia. Lorikeets, or Lories, have a unique brush-tipped tongue for feeding on fruits, vegetables, flowers and their favorite food, nectar. These birds are known for their playful personalities, vibrant coloration and their ability to mimic words and sounds.

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This "turn-key" exhibit includes the following attributes:

  • Preliminary onsite consultation for structural placement.

  • 1800+ square foot oblong enclosure with double door.                    

  • Shipping and installation of exhibit on site. 

  • Plant stock specially suited to the needs of the lorikeets.

  • Hardscape - pathways, planting beds, hand washing station. 

  • Lorikeets that have been trained for hand feeding and visitor interaction.

  • Staff training for husbandry and exhibit care.

  • Removal of all components at the end of exhibit run.

The structure is a specifically designed oblong shape for the comfort of the birds and optimal viewing for your visitors. General venue length is negotiable, but averages 14 weeks. Your specific needs, details and attributes will be worked out in the contract.

With over 50 years of combined experience in seasonal exhibitory design and creation, you are sure to get the best possible visitor experience for your valuable exhibit dollars. This multi-use structure has the potential for change out to other animals including Native Butterflies, Exotic Butterflies and Budgies to name a few. Please contact us us to discuss staffing and environmental requirements. Staffing requirements vary from institution to institution depending on visitor and hours of operation.

Interactive Lorikeet Exhibits

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