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Imagine you are surrounded by the fluid motion of butterflies in a colorful array of flowers,

waterfalls, and greenery. Watch and listen to Rainbow Lorikeets fly overhead and interact with

 each other, and feed these amazing birds nectar when they perch on your arm. They are truly the clowns of the avian world! This truly magical experience of the sounds and smells will have your

visitors returning again and again.

At Spineless Wonders we put a lot of energy and creativity into what we do. Whether it is a single

jewel tank display or a 5000 square foot butterfly house complete with landscaping, pathways, trees,

a waterfall and even an enclosed gift shop, each project gets the same attention to detail and

quality of craftsmanship from our entire staff.


We also provide a variety of “bug” related services, including: lorikeet houses, butterfly houses, bug consulting, butterfly/pupa supply, designing, constructing exhibits and interpretive of all kinds, to bug wrangling for film and video. We are pros at creating innovative solutions to design.

Contact us today for more information.

Welcome to the Spineless Wonders Experience

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Can you name this butterfly?

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What is a Lorikeet?

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Images curtesy Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens,
Rockford Park District | Photo credit Jessie Fox & JML Design

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